IVEO ALTI (Radar Altimeter)
Design, Production and Integration


The Radar Altimeter measures absolute altitude, the altitude the aircraft is above the ground, AGL (Above Ground Level).

The Radar Altimeter system sends out a radio wave and that radio wave bounces off the ground and is received.

The Radar Altimeter is primarily used for Decision Height Alerts and also GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System), Gear Warning, Rising Runaway (for Category II or IIIa approaches) symbol on the flight director.


Frequency Band : K
System Architecture : FMCW
Update Rate : 20 ms
Minimum Altitude : 1 m
Maximum Altitude : 500 m
Altitude Accuracy : 2%/0.25 m
Altitude Resolution : 0.5 m
Antenna Beamwidth : 45-50 degrees
Platfrom Horizontal Velocity : 300 m/s
Communication Interface : RS422 and CAN Bus
Power Consumption : 7-36 VDC; 7W max
Operating Temp. : -40 oC /+70 oC
Storage Temp. : -40 oC /+71 oC
Size : 135mm x 135 mm x 45 mm
Weight : < 500 gr